Singing Telegrams Brisbane and Adelaide


POLICY. When ordering your dag, you'll need to consider a few important details. OUR POLICY. We are dedicated to providing a funny and family friendly service in a safe and dignified manner. TIME AND LOCATION. Make sure you think about what time and location is best for you telegram. You might want to think about guest arrival, sound, and a central location for the performance so that everyone can see. And dont forget, our dag's are punctual! FAMILY FRIENDLY. We are family friendly service, and we cater to all walks of life. We do not discriminated against any religion, race or sexuality. We do not do anything of a illegal, violent, sexual or spiteful nature. Everything we perform is in the interest of good fun. Our performers are only available from 9am till 9pm. CANCELLATIONS and REFUNDS. As a team of people get to work on your singing telegram straight away, and all must be paid for their hard work, a minimum 48 hours notice is required for cancellations. A 50% fee applies with the remainder being a voucher to use within twelve months of the original booking. There will be no refund for, same day cancellations or if we are given incorrect venue details. There will also be no refund if all or part of the neccessary details are not in 48hrs prior to the function, this being address and time for allocation. All other bookings will have priority if this occurs. If the venue does not allow us in, or it is an unsafe environment for the performer there will also be no refund and If you change the venue within 48hrs prior to function and the new venue is a different zoning to original booking. MONEY OWING. To ensure dial-a-dag does not receive any losses that could directly effect our affordable prices, if money is owing for a singing telegram, or cancellation fee has not been paid within 14 days, invoices may be sent to all addresses and parties involved. Only the person/s booking the singing telegram will be held responsible for payment, this includes third parties booking on behalf of another customer. Some late fee's may apply. All outstanding bills will be sent to a debt collector, and lawyers fee's may also apply. REFUNDS. As we've mentioned, many people work on your singing telegram, which is why we offer a new, free singing telegram (of the same value), to use at your lesuire (valid for a year) if you are less than satisfied with the performance. CONDITIONS OF BOOKING. The customer/s booking the singing telegram is responsible for ensuring that general information given to us is correct. Heavy penalties apply if false or misleading information is given by the customer/s. Criminal behavour by any persons involved in the performance (including the audience, performer, customer etc)will be dealt with by the police to the full extent of the law. The customer is also responsible for nature of the performance, which is based on the humourous personal information given to us by the customer/s. In cases of public areas, shops, pubs, etc, it is the customers responsibility to ensure that dial-a-dag has permission to perform there. Please ensure the location, dignity and safety of the performer is of a respectable nature. Dial-a-dag takes no responsibility for unwanted delivery of singing telegrams, or any hurt feelings that might result from humourous information given to us by the customer/s. The content and nature of specialty-act requests remains the responsibilty of the customer/s.