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Perhaps you want to make it a really special occasion?  Why not utilise our gift ideas and end the hillarious Dag session with a lovely gift?
Here are some of our extra services and prices....

Name your Gift Pack
Gift Pack includes
Gift Pack 1
Lovely card for all to sign.   A beautiful card with your friends personal poem attatched.  This blank personalised card is ideal for your guests to sign and is delivered by your dag. Your Dag will encourage the party goers to add their comments to the card at the end of hers/his performance.
Gift Pack 2

A bunch of flowers with a personalised card.  A beautiful bunch of flowers and personalised card with their poem attached is a great way to finish off after a Dag has been there!

Your Dag performer arrives with the flowers and card and presents them to your special person at the end of the performance.


Gift Pack 3
The Man Pack.  Presented well, a pack containing, aftershave, a bottle of wine and a Mans magazine.  A great way to be forgiven for embarrassing him! Also with this gift pack comes their own personalised card with their poem attached for their friends and family to sign.
Gift Pack 4
The Girl Deluxe.   This is the ultimate pack for women of all ages.  The pack includes perfume, beautiful flowers, candle, chocolates and a loofer.  Your friend, sister, girlfriend, mother or grandmother would love this pack! Included with the Girl Deluxe pack you will recieve a personalised card with your free poem attached so that your friends can sign it!
This pack will be delivered by your Dag performer and presented to your target after his or her performance.  Don't forget you can take photos of your Dag for the ultimate memory!
Gift Pack 5

A single rose.   What a simple perfect way to show someone you care.  With this rose comes your own personalised card with your Dags poem attached. Your performer will deliver this gift pack to your special guest at the end of their performance. Forgotton how to make your booking?  Either go to the 'Basic Act' link or contact us!  We'll make booking easy! All our contact details are on the bottom of this page!


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